Paris Saint-Germain to open Academy in the Antilles

This summer will see Paris Saint-Germain open its first academies in the Antilles, in Guadeloupe and Martinique, in partnership with the company TEK FIVE EVOLUTION.

This ambitious and multi-site project aims to welcome more than a thousand 4 to 15 year-olds from the two islands in its opening season.

Pierre-Yves Bodineau, director of football at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, will arrive on site on 4 August for two weeks of training with the coaches at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Antilles, whose job it will be to pass on the club’s values and playing philosophy to local young players. They will be responsible for implementing the methodology and ensuring the quality of the coaching provided.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy will operate on a permanent basis from September 2019. Paris Saint-Germain’s young fans in the Antilles will thus benefit from quality facilities, a unique training methodology, and the expertise and know-how of the Academy’s director of football, Garry Bocaly, a former Ligue 1 player and two-time French league champion, who is in charge of the footballing side of the project.

“The opening of an Academy in the Antilles is a powerful symbol for the club and only strengthens the ties between Paris Saint-Germain and the islands,” said Fabien Allègre, Paris Saint-Germain’s director of merchandising and brand diversification. “Several players have emerged from these two islands to enrich the history of the club. Paris Saint-Germain have many fans in the Antilles, where there is a genuine passion for the club and where fan clubs are very active. Thanks to this project, Paris Saint-Germain will now play a part in the everyday lives of young players in Guadeloupe and Martinique, offering them unique and innovative coaching and sharing with them our values and vision of football.”

You can find all the information on the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Antilles programme here


About the Paris Saint-Germain Academy

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is a football training centre open to boys and girls aged between five and 16. In 2018/19, it was present in 14 countries (France, Brazil, Canada, the USA, the UK, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Germany, Russia and Thailand), at 80 centres open all year round and more than 150 seasonal camps.

Nearly 13,000 children attend these centres, half of them outside France. Genuinely popular with participants, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy reflects the growing appeal of the club both in France and the rest of the world.

Across all its centres, nearly 250 coaches trained by the club offer the very best training and supervision, based on the values of excellence, fun and fair play, all with a view to allowing children to learn and flourish. The Paris Saint-Germain Academy provides a level of training commensurate with that of a major European club recognised the world over. Whether under our care all year round or at holiday camps only, these youngsters receive quality training steeped in the philosophy of Paris Saint-Germain.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy forms an integral part of the club’s international development strategy and aims to bring the Paris Saint-Germain experience to young generations around the world.