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Paris Saint-Germain continues to play its role in battling the coronavirus crisis, bringing together the Club’s family to provide support to those in need. The club has set up a dedicated fundraising platform to support healthcare professionals in Greater Paris hospitals, Secours Populaire Français volunteers and beneficiaries throughout France, and those of Action Against Hunger in France and abroad.  Based on the fundraising total, Paris Saint-Germain will, through its Endowment Fund, be able to support other projects related to the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Paris Saint-Germain has already made an initial donation of €100,000 euros to Secours Populaire Français as well as selling 1,500 "Tous Unis" special PSG jerseys raising €217,500 for Greater Paris University Hospitals, providing support and comfort to front-line carers during the health crisis.

The Club is now calling on the entire Paris Saint-Germain family to show their solidarity and join forces by donating €5, €10, €15, €50 or more- every little helps!

All the funds raised from the generosity of donors will be used by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation to finance the following urgent projects:

  1. Support for the 100,000 healthcare workers of Greater Paris University Hospitals, building on the €200,000 already raised by the club for the Greater Paris University Hospitals via the special "Tous Unis" PSG jersey. Paris Saint-Germain is particularly grateful to the 1,500 donors in France and abroad for their generosity. The funds raised will go to healthcare staff’s vital necessities - accommodation and transport, meal delivery, equipment for relaxation rooms and communication.


  1. Support for Secours Populaire Français volunteers and the most vulnerable people in Greater Paris and the regions. Paris Saint-Germain, a partner of Secours Populaire Français for over 10 years via the PSG Foundation, has made a donation of €100,000. This will be used alongside donations via the fundraising platform to maintain social ties and provide food for the most needy - the elderly and homeless, to support educational and fun activities for children covered with the charity, and to fund health and hygiene protective equipment for the volunteers working with the most vulnerable.


  1. Support Action Against Hunger (Action Contre La Faim) working with the most vulnerable groups in France and abroad. Action Against Hunger aims to limit the spread of the virus and the impact of the pandemic on disadvantaged groups: the homeless, domestic violence victims and vulnerable foreigners.

Funds raised via this platform will be used to finance hygiene kits and food to over 5,000 people in difficult situations in France, and to protect the Action Against Hunger teams in France and abroad, such as in Africa and the Middle East, so that they can continue to work and support those at risk.


Paris Saint-Germain recognises its role off the pitch and will announce further initiatives in the coming days to tackle the crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic.