Five world medals for Paris Saint-Germain Judo

The Parisian judokas won five medals at the World Championships in Doha (Qatar). Paris Saint-Germain achieved the best result for a French club in the competition, both in the individual and mixed team events.

Seven Rouge et Bleu athletes took part in the 2023 World Championships in Doha (Qatar): Amandine Buchard (-52 kg), Marie-Ève Gahié (-70 kg), Romane Dicko (+78 kg), Redouane Dris (-73 kg), Alpha Djalo (-81 kg), Alexis Mathieu (-90 kg) and Teddy Riner (+100 kg).

In the individual category, Teddy Riner became World Champion (+100 kg) for the eleventh time in his career and Amandine Buchard won a fourth world bronze medal (-52 kg), after those of 2014, 2018 and 2022.

Romane Dicko, Marie-Ève Gahié and Alexis Mathieu won silver in the mixed team event.

"We have seen some great things at these World Championships and had some disappointments. Teddy has made history with his eleventh world title and his level of performance suggests that it is not over yet. Even if she was aiming for another metal, Amandine knew how to remobilise herself after her defeat to win the bronze medal. This is a great proof of determination. For the other athletes at the Club, the individual events leave a taste of unfinished business, but there are valuable lessons for the future and some positives. The silver medal obtained by Romane Dicko, Marie-Ève Gahié and Alexis Mathieu in the mixed team event is one of them. The season is not over and they will have the opportunity to bounce back.”

 Djamel Bouras, Paris Saint-Germain Judo President

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