Paris Saint-Germain takes its esports strategy to the next level to become the stand-out club in mobile gaming

The PSG RRQ team will be representing the club from the French capital in the MPL.ID, the Mobile Legends League in Indonesia

The world of mobile gaming now represents over 53% of the global esport market, and Paris Saint-Germain is kicking off its involvement in this sector with a bang by getting involved in Mobile Legends in Indonesia and Brawl Stars in France – two mobile games with extremely high potential. The club from the French capital has also signed up two leading figures in the esports universe to be their ambassadors, namely Théodore Bayoux and Arsène Froon, aka Trapa and AF5.


"The arrival of Paris Saint-Germain on the mobile gaming scene marks a new stage in our innovative esports strategy," said Fabien Allègre, Head of Merchandising and Brand Diversification at Paris Saint-Germain. "Since 2016, mobile has become the preferred channel for game producers and distributors. It is a sector that now represents half of the gaming market, and after laying the foundations of our esports section with our FIFA, FIFA Online, Dota 2 and Rocket League teams, investing in mobile is the next logical step. The Club is a pioneer in this high-growth sector, and Mobile Legends and Brawl Stars will enable us to reach out to a young public – one that is increasingly focused on mobile technology – and strengthen our positioning in the geographical regions that are our priorities."


About Mobile Legends in Indonesia

The association between PSG and RRQ further underlines Paris Saint-Germain’s ambition to strengthen its presence in Asia, in particular in Indonesia which has no fewer than 43 million Mobile Legends players – half of everyone who plays the game throughout the world – and is the primary source of supporters of the Club on social media with 6 million  fans. The RRQ team has enjoyed a great deal of success already, and is delighted to be representing Paris Saint-Germain in what will be the third season of the MPL.ID (the Mobile Legends professional league).


The PSG Rex Regium Qeon team will play in the club’s colours and comprises six top  players, five of whom are from Indonesia with one from Taiwan:

  • The young captain of the team: Muhammad ‘Lemon’ Ikhsan – Indonesia – 20 years old
  • Diky ‘Tuturu’ – Indonesia – 26 years old
  • William ‘Liam’ Setiawan – Indonesia – 20 years old
  • Try ‘AyamJAGO’ Sukardi – Indonesia – 22 years old
  • Chen ‘James’ Jui Teng – Taiwan – 24 years old
  • Calvien ‘InstincT’ – Indonesia – 26 years old

Brawl Stars: the latest game to take off in Europe

PSG esports is getting involved in a second mobile game called Brawl Stars, which is very popular in Europe and in particular in France. Brawl Stars was launched last December by Supercell, the world’s largest game distributor, and broke through the 15-mlllion player barrier in record time. By February, it was top of the App Store ranking in nine different countries.

To establish a presence among the elite Brawl Stars clubs, PSG esports has put together a highly competitive team with players in the top 10 in the world at that particular discipline, namely:

  • Murat ‘SunBentley’ Can
  • Maxime ‘TwistiTwik’ Alic
  • Anthony ‘Tony M‘ Cagny

This all-French trio is one of the best line-ups imaginable. Anthony ‘Tony M’ Cagny has already been world No.1, with Maxime ‘TwistiTwik‘ Alic and Murat ‘SunBentley‘ Can having been as high as second and fourth on the leader board respectively. The team will be taking part in the Spanish league called the GGSeries, before the official Supercell championship kicks off.


Two new leading ambassadors on the esports scene:

2019 has already heralded the arrival of two new PSG esports ambassadors. Théodore Bayoux, aka "Trapa", has become the coach of the new Brawl Stars team while Arsène Froon, aka "AF5" is now the dedicated PSG esports YouTuber for all content for the Club’s FIFA players.


Trapa is a well-known figure in the French mobile esports world, having made a name for himself as a leading mobile gaming commentator. He is an expert in strategy and tactics when it comes to Brawl Stars and is thus ideally placed to coach this new PSG esports team. He has 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the most influential personalities in esports. As well as coaching the Brawl Stars gamers, he will be posting exclusive team-related content on YouTube.


Arsène AF5 meanwhile will be the official PSG esports YouTuber, tasked with following the FIFA players at the club from the French capital in all of the competitions that they are involved in, and creating exclusive content on their performances and also their day-to-day lives. AF5 is a French YouTuber who specialises in FIFA and is most famous for his FIFA 2018 YouTuber World Cup win. His YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers, with whom he has been sharing his love of football in general and Paris Saint-Germain in particular for a number of years.


Download the videos here.


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