The Paris Saint-Germain Foundation extends its support for Le Secours Populaire and the Solidaribus programme

The Paris Saint-Germain Foundation announced, today, Wednesday 31 March 2021, that it is stepping up its commitment to the French non-profit organisation Le Secours Populaire. Loyal supporters of the Foundation’s initiatives, Julian Draxler and Ander Herrera unveiled the new Solidaribus of Le Secours Populaire’s Essonne branch. Funded entirely by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, this mobile unit will provide support to socially disadvantaged people, particularly children, single mothers, immigrants and refugees.

The launch took place in Tigery in the department of Essonne, in the car park of a reception centre. The families living here have been placed by the social services emergency unit with Le Secours Populaire providing overall support. After receiving food packages, nearly 55 families took part in fun activities and games organised by the Foundation’s instructors, with Laure Bouleau, Julian Draxler and Ander Herrera adding their drive and enthusiasm.

Thanks to the support of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, the Solidaribus will make more than 100 delivery runs a year, ensuring 8,500 packages are distributed to nearly 1,450 recipients.

Candice Prevost, Paris Saint-Germain Foundation Operations Manager, said: “We are delighted to launch this new Solidaribus and extend our support to Le Secours Populaire and its Essonne branch. In coming to the aid of people who lack support, in particular hundreds of highly disadvantaged children, the Solidaribus fights against inequality and responds to the Foundation’s long-standing ambition: to give every child the same chance in life.”

In giving its backing to the project, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation continues to show its support for the disadvantaged children of the Paris region by helping out local charities and organisations. Operating all year round, the Essonne Solidaribus will provide food and clothing, guidance on accessing basic social rights and schooling, and cultural support to the residents of five reception centres in the department, situated in the towns of Tigery, Vigneux-sur-Seine, Boussy-Saint-Antoine and Saulx-les-Chartreux.

Olivier Grinon, the secretary general of La Secours Populaire’s Essonne branch, said: “I would like to give my warmest thanks to the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation for its unfailing support and commitment. Together we will make support more widely available through the Solidaribus, which make deliveries for at least three years to come. Our recipients need assistance more than ever and every little helps. It’s an honour for us to work with such committed partners.”

Renewed in 2020 for a period of three years, the partnership between the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation and Le Secours Populaire extends beyond the Solidaribus initiative. In providing soup runs, helpdesks for immigrants and refugees and educational assistance, the Foundation is ramping up its support for the organisation. It also plans to organise hundreds of French classes, cultural and recreational outings and football-related events.

The Paris Saint-Germain Foundation and Le Secours Populaire have been working together for nearly ten years and signed a partnership agreement five years ago. Since 2016, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation has supported Le Secours Populaire’s initiatives to the tune of nearly EUR 1 million.


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